Midnight Elves weekend

Once again a joyful and creative weekend to learn a new skill, have some fun and a bit of a giggle, and help stock up the shelves for the upcoming Autumn Fair. This is focussed on autumnal and Easter creatures such as gnomes, mushrooms and rabbits.

The weekend is Friday 11 March 5pm onwards, Saturday 12 March 10am onwards and Sunday 10am – 5pm. This will be at The Dollmaking Room next to the Kindergartens in Wallace Street, Motueka.

Bring food to share. All comers welcome to this nurturing, fun and creative space. We also traditionally have a movie Saturday night. Hope to see you there.

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Do Try this at home :)

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The Motueka Rudolf Steiner Christmas Market


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Late Notice

Sorry have been away and have arrived back to the Christmassy things doll-making event this weekend – I can’t call it a retreat, this is more an “at home” event. On Friday evening from 4pm onwards and all day Saturday and Sunday there will be Elves lurking in or near the doll-making room in Wallace Street so drop in, drop by, drop everything and poke your head in 🙂

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Christmassy Things

Coming soon to a computer near you – details of our Christmassy Things retreat cum workshop……..

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Rumi and the Sea-Turtle

Nishkama, one of our playgroup mums, pops in often and gathers necessities for her current sewing project – she wears a craft pocket, so she can use those moments you get in the midst of the ever-evolving dance of motherhood, to feed her creativity. It is one of the challenges of parenting, that what you used to do on this level, is less of a priority and yet still a need. Nishkama came in one day on a mission to make a turtle – here’s why:

Rumi was finding the transition to sleep difficult, so Nishkama had started a bedtime story of a sea-turtle who travelled with Rumi into the night world. She wanted to make a sea-turtle for Rumi. She found a pattern, got some materials and made this beautiful sea-turtle who travels Rumi all the day as well as in the night world. He was enjoying running and came up to Nishkama and touching his beating heart said “Can you feel that? – That’s my sea-turtle!”

Rumiand the seaturtle

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decisions, decisions

a young lady is entranced…….


for more wonderful glimpses of our Spring Fair day, follow this link: oliverweberphotography.com


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Preparations for the Fair!

Sarah had been making magic in the garden, amongst the beautyiful blossoms 🙂 getting ready for our Spring Fair on Sunday!


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Spring Fair 2016

Motueka Rudolf Steiner School

Spring Fair 2016

Sunday 11 September

10am to 4pm

spring fair

Come and join us celebrate Spring

480 High Street Motueka

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Winter is here

The weather in our area has been snowy, and blowy and hot and cold and lots of the Elves have been tucked in their homes enjoying the holidays and family time. Some have decided to escape to other parts abroad and have adventures. Before all that happened we had a winter retreat at Maren and Tristan’s home at Riverside. We added a new Feature a workshop on making a simple gnome for our parents with younger children. We realised we had been focussing so much on fundraising that we needed to return to our roots which included nurturing, community, teaching skills, support and, as always, laughter.


here are some of the Elves stitching

IMG_0410and a crown in progress


We have lots of Aunties always willing to hold the babies 🙂


and here is Robbie modelling the strawberry crown.

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