Recipe for a Dollmaking Retreat

After the most recent dollmaking retreat, and some experimentation at other dollmaking retreats, we’re sure we have the recipe perfected now:

Take several parts beautiful natural materials such as felt, wool, cotton, and fleece

_OWP9331 _OWP9334


and mix together using the appropriate utensils.

_OWP9311 _OWP9294 _OWP9272

Next,  add a handful of good humor



and a dash of some useful advice.



Once well mixed increase the warmth and let simmer for 3 days

_OWP9290 _OWP9270

When ready serve and enjoy the party!




Be sure to double the recipe if the Spring Fair is quickly approaching.  Here is a sampling of what we will serve up at the Spring Fair on September 22nd:

_OWP9309 _OWP9303 _OWP9299 _OWP9273 _OWP9231

Thanks Sarah for your gentle prodding to keep us on task!



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2 Responses to Recipe for a Dollmaking Retreat

  1. What a beautiful blog. Very inspiring for me who will study to become a waldorf teacher here in Sweden. I will begin my studies in september. 🙂

  2. admin says:

    Tack så mycket! We wish you the best of luck on your journey toward becoming a Waldorf teacher. You’re welcome to come visit our school and our craft group any time.

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